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About Us
(Introduction & Achievements from 1985 - 2008)

No doubt, there should be many things about COMPUFIELD you would like to know. This Questionnaire with its answers has been designed to provide you with a clear picture to enhance your understanding of our Institute. 

When Did The Institute Start Its Functions?

COMPUFIELD commenced functioning in 1985 

What Field Of Activity Was COMPUFIELD Involved In The Above Period?
  • IN 1985, COMPUFIELD offered standard courses in office automation i.e. LOTUS, DbaseIII+, WordStar, Auto Cad, Interior Designing, BASIC + FORTRAN to Engineering colleges, Art/ Science/ Commerce Graduates.

  • IN 1987, we were among the first ones to introduce, and one of the very few to teach D.T.P i.e. Ventura ver 1.0 and Page Maker Ver 1.0. 

  • IN 1988-89, we were the first to teach Graphic "GEM ART LINE".
    The above Programme was the first Graphic Program available on IBM-PC's. At this stage, Apple Mac was the only computer used in the world for Graphics and Desk Top Publishing.

  • IN 1989-90, the Proprietor of COMPUFIELD, Mr. M.E. Khairaz, became the Founder member of DTP Users Club, and was elected Secretary of the Club because of his knowledge and experience in Micro- Computer + DTP + Graphics. He was also responsible to organize and give lectures on new Programs in the field of DTP and Graphics.
    He was also responsible to organize and give lectures on new Programs in the field of DTP and Graphics.

  • IN 1990-91, COMPUFIELD introduced the 2D ANIMATION course and was the first to teach 3D Animation in Bombay.

  • IN 1990-91, we were the first to introduce advanced course in Interior Designing using AutoCAD + 3D studio.

  • IN 1991-92, he was elected Vice-president of DTP User Club.

  • IN 1992-93, we were the first in India and Bombay to introduce courses like Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Jewellery Designing, Interior Designing. 

  • IN 1993-94, COMPUFIELD was the second Institute in Bombay to teach "Image Processing", and the first to teach Image Processing in the field of Advance Fashion/ Textile/ Jewellery Designing. 

  • IN 1994(June), COMPUFIELD was first in Bombay to introduce"Multimedia", i.e.combination of Audio with video, using world-class Program "Authorware Pro".

  • IN 1994-95, we were the second in Bombay to Introduce Learn to Assemble IBM PC, first institute

    COMPUFIELD is the first Institute to introduce a Hardware Course "Learn to Assemble IBM computer from PC to Pentium III i.e. from 1985 model to 2000 model" in four

    Please note, we get software Professionals/ Business persons coming all the way from Hyderabad/ Delhi/ Sikkim/ Goa for our hardware courses.

  • IN 1994-95 LAN Engineering.

    Our course syllabus is designed in such a way that, what cannot be learnt from Authorized Training Center of Novell LAN paying RS. 25,000/-,
    COMPUFIELD was teaching for RS. 3,000/-. We are offering Practical Hardware + Software courses. It is very well accepted by professionals,because we are in Computer Hardware training for last 60 months, having a batch of 10-20 Students per month only on SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS.

  • IN 1996, COMPUFIELD was given status as Approved training center from "COREL-CANADA".

  • IN 1996 (Sep.), COMPUFIELD started teaching Novell LAN ver 4.1, Internet (4 different courses), Non linear digital Video Editing and Movie making (Advanced Multimedia), Diploma course in Office Automation using PowerPoint, Tally (Financial Application) and LAN concepts.
    For more information:-

  • IN 1997 (May), COMPUFIELD was appointed as channel partner of Web India (USA), for Hosting, Designing and Internet Global Marketing,  having top corporate clients like Bank of India.

  • IN 1997 (Sep.), COMPUFIELD started teaching 3D Studio Rel 4, Corel Draw Ver 7.0, Office '97 & Multimedia on Internet with Virtual Reality.
    For more information:

  • IN 1998(Jan), COMPUFIELD  started teaching 3D Studio Max.
    For more information: -

  • IN 1998(Mar), COMPUFIELD introduced two new courses in Internet
    & Web Publishing :
    1)Jamba for non java Programmers.
    2)Java for web designers.
    Also started using 3D Studio Max and CorelDRAW8.0 for Internet.

    For more information: -

  • IN 1998 (Oct), COMPUFIELD started teaching software courses like , Developer 2000, JavaScript,Visual C++, Visual Basic 5.0, Java Development Kit , Foxpro Programming . These will help us to give our student complete Internet E-Commrerce Solutions.
    For more information:-

  • IN 1998 (Oct.), COMPUFIELD  started teaching  Adobe Flash Ver 3.0 
    which is considered a breakthrough technology for Multimedia on Web.
    For more information:

  • IN 1998 (Nov.), COMPUFIELD was appointed as Web Developer by Satyam Infoway, the second largest software export company of india . This contract  is an recognition to our quality of web design.

  • IN 1998 (Nov.), COMPUFIELD started teaching Filters like Kai Power Tools & Alien Skin for Web Pages and E-Commerce Solution.
    For more information:
We get Students from all parts of the world i.e. U.K, Switzerland, USA, Bangkok, London, Dubai, Kuwait, due to our website
  • IN 1999 (Feb.), COMPUFIELD started teaching Adobe Dreamweaver Ver. 2 for Web page Designing.
    For more infomation:-

  • IN 1999 (May), COMPUFIELD started teaching Windows NT and Linux.
    For more information:-

  • IN 1999 (May), COMPUFIELD started teaching Adobe Director 7.0 for CD Authoring(Multimedia).

  • IN 1999(June), COMPUFIELD updated AutoCAD Rel 14 to AutoCAD 2000.
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  • In 2000(March), COMPUFIELD started teaching Adobe Fireworks.
  • In 2000(March), COMPUFIELD launched its new Website

  • In 2000(July), COMPUFIELD started teaching Adobe Dreamweaver Ultra-Dev & Microsoft Frontpage Explorer.
    For more infomation:-

  • In 2000(Oct), COMPUFIELD started teaching PHP, MySQL, MS Access and Java Servlets.

    More Recent Developments :
    For more information:-

  • In 2001(March), COMPUFIELD started teaching JSP, EJB & XML.
    For more information:-

  • In 2002, COMPUFIELD Started teaching Hardware + Networking Certification Courses.
    For more information:-

  • In 2003, COMPUFIELD started teaching Software Programming Courses:
    Oracle 9i, 10g DBA, OCP,, Software Engineering.These courses are included in MODEL II type of Franchisee.
    For more information:-

  • In 2004, COMPUFIELD Started teaching OCP,, Software Engineering.
    For more information:-

  • In 2005-06, COMPUFIELD Started teaching A + N + MCSE 2003, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE Comptia & Security plus, Linux.These courses are included in MODEL II type of franchise.
    For more information:-

  • In 2007, COMPUFIELD Started teaching iMac 24; for training in Final Cut Pro.
    For more information:-

  • In 2007, COMPUFIELD Introduced specialized courses in 2D and 3D Animation and Digital Advertising.
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  • In 2007,COMPUFIED Introduced Short - Term courses for Kids. as the area of Digital Graphic, Animation, Multimedia, Web design.
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  • In 2007,COMPUFIELD Started corporate-training.
    For more information:-

  • In 2008, COMPUFIELD First in Mumbai Introduced Financial Application Courses to Public so that they are Qualified to work in Multinational Company
    For more information:-

  • In 2008, COMPUFIELD Started Digital Film Making Courses.
    For More information:-

Nature Of Composition Of Student Trained So Far By COMPUFIELD
More than 25,000 Students from all parts of the world

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