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From an Eagle's view you see the nature's magnificience slowly unfolding before your eyes. The green patches enclosed by clear white and surrounded by glistering blues which take your breath away. It is a vision so unique that one can wonder whether it is reality. Only nature could have created the perfect picture of beauty, which is known as the Maldives. The view you see from above does not recede as your plane lands. The patches become palms which gracefully dances to the rhythm of the cool breeze. White beaches stretch before your eyes, which caress your feet with its softness. The waters so clear that you
see the roaming fishes in the depths of the lagoons. Maldives is the home of 270,000
natives and 1,350 different species of coral and fish. The cluster of 1190 islands in the
Indian Ocean called Maldives stretches 860 Km from Latitude 7 degrees North to 0 degrees 41 South and lying between 72 degrees 32 and 73 degrees 45 East. Out of 1190 islands only 201 islands are inhabited by local people and 83 islands are developed as resorts. The rest are uninhabited. Since 99 percent of the country is the Ocean, it is one of the most aquatic nations in the world. Population Maldives has a population of 270,000 people (est. 1998). Maldivians are friendly people with features of a mixture of Arabic African and Asian. The language Dhivehi is only spoken in Maldives with its own script. English language is used as the second language.

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The history of Maldives runs back to over three thousand years. Being on a trade route Maldives has visitors from all over the world. The influence of these visitors are tarnished on the people, religion and the culture.

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Maldives has a never ending Summer. It is warm all throughout the year. But the temperature varies in the two different monsoons. The monsoon with dry and little wind is from November to April. From May to October brings some rain. Annual average daily temperature is between 30.4 and 25.4 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is below 2 per annum.

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Vacation Homes
The exclusive resorts are your vacation home on your very own island. A short barefoot walk will take you to the restaurant bar, the diving school on any corner of the island. The facilities and services rendered by different islands differ widely. Accommodations range from detached individual cottages to water bungalows. Cruising If you wish to cruise across the Indian Ocean to discover the secrets of the archapelago choose one of the live-aboard cruises across the atolls. The cruising vessels range from 3 cabin sailing boats to 75 cabin cruise ships. Transportation between the islands are either by dhonis (local boats), speed boats or seaplanes. The transfers with confirmed reservations will be arranged by your host. To discover Maldives you can join the different excursions organised by your host. You can visit a local fishing village or spend a day in the capital. The opportunities are plenty with your choice. Male the busy little capital has an area of 1.77 Sq Kms with its excellent shopping facilities and exotic atmosphere of tradition and modern life. Malé is a must for every visitor.

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