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Certificate Courses in Programming
C & C++
MS SQL Server 2003
Java Development Kit
JDBC & JavaBeans
Computer Applications For Class IX (ICSE)
Diploma in
Java Programming
Diploma in Financial Accounting
Certificate course in
Microsoft Excel
(Financial Application)
Certificate course in
Macros VBA
(Financial Application)
Certificate course in
Microsoft Excel
(Financial Accounting)
Certificate course in
Computerized Accounting +
Financial Accounting
Certificate course in
Computerized Accounting +
Financial Accounting
Diploma in Microsoft Excel
(Financial Accounting)
Diploma course in
Financial Accounting
using Excel
Diploma course in
Computerized Accounting +
Financial Accounting
Diploma course in
Computerized Financial
Application (MIS)
Diploma in Database-Administration [RDBMS]
Diploma in ORACLE Database Administrator(OCP)
Oracle 9i DBA Paper I to IV
Diploma in ORACLE Database Administrator(OCP)
Oracle 10g DBA Paper I to II
Diploma in Internet Application & ECommerce
Diploma in Software Engineering
Diploma In Web Designing, Software Engineering,
Global Marketing and E-Commerce
Diploma in Web Designing, Multimedia, E-Commerce & Global Marketing
Diploma in Web Designing, Multimedia, Software Engineering, E-Commerce & Global Marketing

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Diploma In Multimedia, Web Publishing,
Designing, Engineering & E-commerce

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Rina Shah, Course-"Web Publishing and Designing", Country-"India" Rahul Daswani, Course-"Web Publishing and Adobe Flash", Country-"Singapore" Stephen Ellsmore, Course-"Web Publishing, Designing & Global Marketing", Country-"UK"
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Our Multimedia Student's Projects
distance e-learning courses in 3d animation, multimedia, rendering, walkthrough views, film special effects, virtual reality, cartoon animation, 3d models,computer graphics and 3D space online training for building skeletons, setting up InverseKinematics   (IK), facial animation, skin deformation, creating and wiring sliders virtual lessons on animation, modeling, rendering, design visualization  for generate characters,create 3d film effects using autodesk 3ds max software   Student Multimedia Photoshop Project for Compufield. Project of Compufield Student for Multimedia Photoshop. With Photoshop's tools you can paint a likeness of a physical object.
Student Multimedia Coreldraw Project for Compufield. Project of Compufield Student for Multimedia Coreldraw With CorelDRAW you can create Illustrations from scratch, enhance clip art, use and embellish scanned photos, and send your finished work out one of many ways.   Master the special effects you've always wanted. Learn the secrets of Output & Storage of your Images. Retouch, manipulate & enhance photographs.
Compufield Students Web Publishing Project   Project in Web Designing   Project in Web Designing by Compufield Student  


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Internet is a worldwide network of networks with 200 Million worldwide users. Internet gives you absolute access to information on any subject under the sky.

Why Use The Internet ?

Business :

Marketing, selling and publishing product literature world wide.

Professionals :

Provide and get technical support, bug fixes and product information, communicate or collaborate on projects in almost zero time.

Students :

Information regarding Universities, their ratings & procedures for admission all over the world, access to over 40 million library files from your own computer.

Communication Power Of The Internet


Makes it possible for you to go roaming (surfing) around the web, from document to document using nothing but their links. All technical features of  Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Explorer.


You type a message into your computer, and it travels instantly over the network to your specified destination; one or millions.


While E-Mail lets you send a message to a specific person or group, USENET lets you send a message as on electronic bulletin for any one to freely access and share the information.


Lets you log-on another system and use various services available on the host.


Lets you copy informational files in the form of text or graphics and also Multimedia presentations, to and from a remote host.


The Internet RELAY CHAT allows the user to have an on line real time conversation with anybody in any part of the world.


Internet feature to cut down communication cost by 75%.


The technology which makes possible to place   international calls from a personal computer to any telephone in the world e.g. Europe, USA, Canada and Caribbean countries at Rs.6
(US $ 0.5) per minute.


ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet that enables you to initiate contact with those people who are online at that time.



Microsoft FrontPage is a Web creation and management tool, that you can use to Design and Build a great-looking, easy to navigate Web-Site.


The Microsoft Frontpage Explorer is a tool for creating, organizing, administering and publishing Frontpage webs. Using the Frontpage search engine discussion groups and custom form submissions. Import and Export pages and files, test and repair hyperlinks, and launch the frontpage editor to design and edit the contents of your Web Pages.

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Dreamweaver is a professional authoring tool for creating and maintaining web-pages. It introduces Adobe's Round-trip HTML technology, that imports HTML documents without reformatting the code
and also makes it possible to use the latest Dynamic HTML features. All the code generated by it, works on as many platforms and browsers as possible.

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Adobe Dreamweaver Ultradev 4 combines Dreamweaver's ease of use with the power of databases to create dynamically created web pages.Think of the results as Dreamweaver on steroids. Adobe Dreamweaver Ultradev set ends Dreamweaver's renowned ease of use into the realm of database-driven web sites.

If you already use Dreamweaver, you'll feel right at home with Ultradev since the programs share many of the same interface features. Adobe's Dreamweaver Ultradev has been a leading visual web design tool for many years allowing thousand to exchange the murky world of plain text code for easy drag and drop interface.

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HTML (the hypertext markup language) to describe the layout of a web page. HTML is simply a vehicle to indicate elements of a hypertext page. The HTML page must tell the browser which applets to load and then where to put each applet on the web page.


CorelDRAW is a Vector graphic software, allowing the user to produce World Class Illustrations with 16.7 million colours.

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Adobe Photoshop is an Image Processing software package that enables you to create & edit images on IBM personal computers. Adobe Photoshop is acknowledged in professional fields as the cutting-edge,the final word in image editing.

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3D Studio Max is a tool from Kinetix for making 3D Models and Designs and also to create simple as well as complex 3-Dimensional Animations.

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Flash is a vector graphics editor and an animation and authoring tool ideal for creating Animations and interactivity for web pages.

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Adobe Director provides a wide range of possibilities for putting together the different Multimedia elements, Controlling Media devices such as Audio and Video and allowing maximum user Interactivity.

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Fireworks is the solution for professional Web graphic design and production. It is the first production environment to overcome the specific challenges facing Web graphics and producers. Fireworks has a strong integration with other favourite graphics application and HTML editors offering customers the essential bridge between their graphics environment and HTML editors.

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A powerful tool for professional digital Video Editing Designed for video professionals, Adobe Premiere software spans the world of broadcast and online media. Thanks to its elegant interface and superb editing tools, you can work with complete efficiency, control, and flexibility to produce broadcast-quality movies for video, film, multimedia, and the Web.

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Sound Forge is a world class Programme used for Sound Editing, Compression, Special Effects and to superimpose sound on video presentation and animation.

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C is a general purpose Programming Language. C has proven to be a pleasant, powerful, and versatile language for a wide variety of Program's. Many of the modern languages like C++, Visual C++, Java, Javascript, etc. are based on C Language. Therefore, not Knowing this Language is considered as a handicap. 90% of UNIX Operating System is written in C Language.

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C++ is an object oriented Programming language which includes concepts like polymorphism, data-hiding, operator overloading, encapsulation and inheritance, which are not observed in C. User defined objects (instances) can be reused with and without modifications to generate new application. This reduces coding to greater extent. Even for file accessing, we use file objects.

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PERL is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. At the most basic level, Perl/CGI can do anything such as collect form data, generate dynamic page content, or send and receive cookies.


SQL Today's system designers and developers can build 21st century enabled application ranging from critical on-line transaction processing systems supporting all the users.

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PHP is a powerful cross platform server side script language. It is a full featured programming language capable of managing huge database driven online environments. Using PHP you can query databases, create images, read & write files, talk to remote servers - the possibilities are endless. 


Java is platform independent, reliable Programming language introduced by sun's systems, used mainly to Develop Internet applications and applet's.
Java is used to create web-based applications and allows user interaction on the Internet.

Java allows us to have animation, audio and video clippings in our web page. Java Programming helps in writing Programmes using which one can connect to any computer on the Internet.

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JavaScript is used to write program that are executed by a web browser within the context of web page. It has the ability to dynamically generate HTML documents & Animations.

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JDBC technology is an API that lets you access virtually any tabular data source from the JavaTM programming language. It provides cross-DBMS connectivity to a wide range of SQL databases, and now, with the new JDBC API, it also provides access to other tabular data sources, such as spreadsheets or flat files.

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JavaBeans component architecture is the platform-neutral architecture for the Java application environment.

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Servlets are used for Server-Side Programming. Servlets are generic extensions to Java-enabled servers. Thier most common use is to extend Webservers,providing a very secure,portable and easy-to-use replacement for CGI. A Servlet is a dynamically loaded module that services requests from a Webserver. It runs entirely inside tha Java Virtual Machine.

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JavaServer Pages™ (JSP) is a web-scripting technology similar to Netscape server-side JavaScript (SSJS) or Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP). Although the JSP specification has been managed by Sun Microsystems, any vendors can implement JSP in their own systems.

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VBScript is a script based programming language which supports the development of both client and server. It is extensively used for ASP Programming.


  • VBScript values,names and literals.
  • VBScripts expressions and operators VBScript looping and decision structures.
  • Exploring Objects,Events,Methods and Properties Validating Data using VBscript.
  • Working with Document, Window, Location, History, Navigation, Anchor, Link.
  • Form Objects Working with ActiveX Controls.
Visual Interdev is a powerful team-based development environment for rapidly creating database-driven Web applications.
  • Integrated visual design tools.
  • Debugging support.
  • Database features enable you to build fully interactive Web applications that can be accessed by any browser on any platform.
  • Creating HTMl/DHTML Web Pages.
  • Working with Active X Data Controls.
  • Creating DataBound Web Application.
  • Creating Client/Server side scripts.
  • Using cascading Style Sheets Programming with Scripting
    Object Model Implementing security in Web pages.
  • Introduction to MTS/Index Server.
Linux is the most popular and stable Operating System for Networking and Internet. It is a dream of any developer, Webmaster or a home user. Never has any OS attained the Flexibility, Power & Stability to such a level at the same time.

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WinNT is an Network Operating System from Micorsoft. Currently WinNT is known as Windows 2000.

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Minimum Qualification - Basics of Computer Hardware Peripherals.

Internet Advertising and Digital Marketing

There are 10 billion documents on every possible subject and more than 1.5 million documents are uploaded everyday. The importance of "Variables" in the design of home pages to get maximum hits and hence achieve maximum marketing power.

We, at COMPUFIELD, teach you :
  • How to make your Web Site attractive and powerful, so that you can attract business globally on the Internet.
  • The importance of "Variable" in the design of home pages to get maximum hits and hence achieve maximum Marketing power.
  • How to use the different search engines available, and explain the working and retrieval functions of these search engines.
  • How to register your Web pages (URL'S) with various search engines like Yahoo, Altavista, Infoseek, Webcrawler, Hotbot, Excite, America Online, 123 India, khoj etc. (200 Search Engines possible).
  • How to register your Web Site to various BBS, Usenet groups, Enzines, Exchange banner scheme. Additional Digital Marketing tricks available on Web. Mass E-Mailing.

Project related to Web Page

Making a Professional Website using the above softwares, Multimedia and Sound.

Project related to Film Industry and CD Authoring

Making a Project using most of the above softwares after which you can work in any part of the world.

Career Options
  • Web Masters.
  • Web Managers.
  • Site Managers.
  • Web Page Designers.
  • Content Developers.
  • Interface Designers.
  • Creative Support Professionals.
  • Studio Managers.
  • Modeling Consultants.
  • Media Specialists Art.
  • Consultants Multimedia Authors.
  • Script Writers.
  • Creative Publishing Professionals.
  • Cartoonists.
  • Cartographers Editing Professionals.
  • Visual Effect Designers.
  • Software Editors.
  • Audio & Video Specialists.
  • Animator.


Course Duration Fees (Indian RS.) Fees (US $)
800 sessions of 1 hr. each 80000 2285
Management has full right to change courses, contents, tuition fees without prior notice.
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COMPUFIELD offers a unique style of learning -
One computer : One student : One Instructor The timing can be fixed based on our mutual convenience,
between 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Maximum Instructor to Student Ratio 1:4 Course duration in working days = Total sessions divided by number of sessions (hours) per day.
Sessions : Each session will be of 1 hour No extra charges/refund for more/less time taken to complete the course.

Fees is for one course and it includes instructions, practicals,practice, project, preparation for exam (if any)

Lodging, boarding and travelling not included in the fees.
Overseas / local Students take 5 to 10 hours per day to complete their courses earlier. Management has full right to change courses, contents, tuition fees without prior notice.
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