Youtube Marketing for Small Scale Businesses

Youtube is the second most powerful search engine tool after Google, where people look for video answers to their search queries. With individuals consuming large amounts of video content on a regular basis, it is mandatory that business houses establish their digital footprint on Youtube as well. Approximately an average individual spends 40mins per day watching Youtube videos. This content is also shared by people across various social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin as well as on WhatsApp. Youtube is an informal yet powerful platform which allows marketers to directly communicate with their audience. It could also be described as a forum that gives you complete control over your content.

However, with so much content available on Youtube how can you as a business house ensure that the videos you create would gain views and not get lost within the sea of video content.

Creativity, Quality content and consistency is the key to success. There are influencers who churn out content on particular days of the week and at a particular time, they have subscribers who are looking forward to the video that they are going to publish. Infact as a teaser, they often put up a post about their upcoming video to generate curiosity amongst the viewers. However, you need a minimum number of 1000 subscribers in order to create a post on Youtube.

Why Youtube for Small Scale Businesses?

Youtube has the largest audience within the age group of 18 to 34 years. While the age group of 29 to 49 years contributes to 20% of the Youtube viewership. So the consumers and decision-makers are all present on Youtube consuming your content.

No requirement for a large budget or investment, even a normal mobile phone could be used to shoot the videos and there are a number of simple video editing tools to edit your video and add text effects to them.

By choosing a niche audience you can tailor your videos to suit their preferences thereby at least making a mark on a particular section of society.

You can also share the video with potential customers so that they can get a better insight into your products and services.

People keep binging on your content on Youtube, create a video series so that you appear within your own suggested videos.

For example, if you are a hairdresser or you have a Coffee shop down the road you could create simple videos that would help your viewers. The videos could be as simple as party hairstyles in 5mins or making a chocolate mug cake in the microwave nestled within the video you could also add your brand name, logo as well as contact info. Thereby you are trying to give your consumers something they want to see, at the same time you are establishing yourself as an authority.

EntertainEducate and Inspire are the video essentials either incorporate all of them or at least any one of these elements in order to increase your viewership.

What kind of videos can be used by Small Scale businesses to promote themselves?


Listicles, as the name suggests, is the process of creating a video which illustrates a list. This video form is popular because they exactly enumerate what they are going to offer. There is a clear idea of the content, the thumbnail gives the audience a glimpse of what they will actually be seeing in the video. Examples of Listicles could be 5 Best Cafe’s in Mumbai, 10 Places to visit in Singapore.

Unboxing videos

Unboxing video is the process of creating a video where a new product is being revealed by a person. The functionality pros and cons of the product are shared during the video. It enables the audience to make a choice of whether the product is suitable for them or not. Unboxing videos are very popular with electronic gadgets, kitchen appliances as well as cosmetics.

Infact, there is a popular youtube channel called Unbox Therapy with over 15+ million subscribers with a sole aim of uploading unboxing videos.

Behind the Scenes

The audience enjoys content which is not meant to be showcased to them, that’s the main reason why the behind the scene videos are so popular. Behind the scenes of a movie, TV shows or music video are trending topics. Other examples could be the life of an influencer or media professional. The Bahubali 2 Behind the Scenes video which was uploaded approx a year ago has over 15million views.

Product videos

Product videos are videos which showcase a new product, mostly created during a product launch. It often incorporates a product demo as well. There are questions during a product launch which are also addressed in these videos. This helps to clear the doubts regarding the product and also adds a personal touch. Infact a number of companies have cut down their costs associated with offering technical support by supplementing printed product manuals and instructions. Informative videos like these are highly engaging.

Client Testimonials

Client reviews or feedback are a vital source of publicity which any business house or organization gets without any investment. These resources are invaluable sources which work as a vote in favour of the organization/ product. When a business owner says that their product is good it does not have the impact which a satisfied client review has.

Client reviews establish trust and reassures the potential customers that the product is worth buying. That is one of the primary reasons why Amazon reviews are deemed useful by a number of customers who have read the review and then gone ahead with their purchase decision.


Simply uploading a video does not guarantee that the video will go viral and will be seen by millions of viewers, it is important to have realistic expectations regarding your video. There are a number of things that you can do to promote your videos and build an audience for them. Innovation and consistency is the key to establishing a strong digital footprint on Youtube for your business. To sum it up you can use Youtube effectively to demonstrate products, provide how to solutions, case studies or share educational information pertaining to a product or service and thereby build your brands reputation online. One way small businesses use Youtube videos effectively is to personalize their businesses by introducing key personnel and to share the company’s story and philosophy in a way that it captures the attention of their potential and existing customers. Regardless of how you decide to use Youtube, make sure the videos you create are well-produced, short, to the point and highly engaging. The content should be easy to understand and well organized.

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Youtube Marketing for Small Scale Businesses