Content Marketing is defined as the media that you create to share your brand’s story online, it includes the written matter ( blogs), the pictures , captions , videos , audios as well as customer reviewers.

Beginners Guide To Content Marketing

Is Content only written/ text matter ?
Let us begin by clearing the common notion that Content is only text matter. Content could be anything pictures , captions , videos , slides created by merging pictures and adding music to it , something that enables you to convey your brands story online. The process of content creation is a creative job , with immense scope for trial/ error  as well as experimentation. So if you’re good with the camera take pictures post them , add a tagline or caption and you have content on the roll. If you are better with video footages then take small videos and share them on varied social media platforms. You have total control over what goes live , you can edit your videos add a personal touch and then upload them. Start with what you are comfortable with , be confident and go ahead.

Where do I begin Content Marketing from ?
Start content marketing with a small WIN. What do I mean by small win ? Begin with something that is already backed up with money, resources then go and add content to it. This is a better option then starting right from a scratch. For example an existing event , add content to it and begin.This is a quick and cheap way to show that content marketing is a success.

Go to the event and take photos , add music make a slide show, take interviews of people at the event, if it’s a new sandwich take customer reviews in video format.


Is Real Time marketing the way to go ?
The classic example of real time marketing is Amul, since years those hoarding with witty responses by Amul have made it much more than the humble dairy product brand. During demonetization Paytm responded to the news within 2 mins on twitter.

Real time marketing is difficult it needs a lot of money , resources and manpower. You need to be constantly at it and doesn’t suit every type of business.

Real time marketing is a continuous process , once you begin you need to continue the trend , you cannot stop. For small business houses real time marketing isn’t the way to go.

Is Content creation a one time process ?
Content creation is an on-going process. Imagine a camp fire,  people won’t sit around the fire once its exhausted and all the wood has burnt away. Similarly people won’t keep coming back to see the same old photos / read old blog posts . People want fresh content , new things to attract their attention and maintain their loyalty towards your brand. So you need to create a mix of large as well as smaller pieces of content – your blog posts , write ups and events are large pieces of content while your tweets, Facebook posts are the smaller pieces of content.

Understanding audience behavior.
When you begin creating content don’t try and start all platforms at one go , begin gradually . Once you have tested a couple of platforms you’ll realize which platforms work for you and which don’t. To explain in detail it’s important to know your audiences and which platforms appeal to them . What do they react to better , you Facebook posts or your YouTube video that you created. Before going ahead and creating more content you need to analyse this, then proceed inorder to make content marketing a success for your business.

The idea at the end of the day is to create a Buzz , they are humans who consume your content , you are in business because of them . So to keep them engaged its important to offer them what they like and what they respond to.

So get your phone on camera mode , we all have smartphones and go and click some pictures and get content on the roll.

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Beginners Guide To Content Marketing

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